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          Throughout my life, I have always had a wandering eye and a unique perspective of the world around me. Every moment is a snapshot; an image that is truly singular, only happening once and never again. I formed this outlook at a young age and have since grown to live in full awareness of the details, the movements and expressions in existence, finding the need to capture these moments for their instant and transient beauty. So I picked up a camera over 15 years ago and never put it down.

          I received my BFA in Photography and minor in Communications from the University of Tampa as well as Graduate Level training in Fashion Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I have been shooting under my personal brand, Jordan Niccola Photography, since 2012 providing in studio and on location services to my expanding client base. I found very quickly that I was most passionate about photographing people—the raw emotions that we can expose through facial expression and body movement are breathtaking to behold. There is both a true simplicity in a person’s being and a complex depth of thoughts and emotions that exist simultaneously in all of us and my goal is to find the perfect balance of these to portray through portraiture. 

          As my constant art form, Photography has taken me from disposal cameras to 35mm film to full frame DSLR. I now have over 12 years of professional experience working with a multitude of photographers, designers and commercial brands, cultivating my eye and developing innovative ways of capturing the people and things in our world that inspire me. Fashion and candid portraiture are my specialties, however my portfolio is also lined with imagery depicting editorial products, luxury goods, styled events, food and beverage and social media/lifestyle content. 

          It is crucial that we surround ourselves with people and happenings that inspire us and our work. I have always been inspired by the idea of creation and the endless ability of human culture to bring new and innovative works of art of all mediums into our lives. What speaks loudest to me in aiding in my creativity is the world of fashion and design. I have developed a passion for the industry over the last ten years and am fascinated daily by the growth and revolution of trends, icons and fashion imagery. I want to be an influencer; to be an integral part of the evolution of style. With photography, and more specifically portrait imagery, I can do exactly that. Fashion media in 2020 is about ingenuity and disruption—tasteful enough to maintain brand loyalty but bold enough to make an impact in this wild world we are living in.  The human form is the perfect vessel for expression in fashion and the combination of my experimental fine art aesthetic with a modern perspective through photography will allow me to bring a unique viewpoint to the new age of fashion culture.

     Hello New York City, and welcome.

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